Cheap Braided Fishing Line

Cheap Braided Fishing Line

Depending on the line weight and yards, Proberos Premier Pro Series braided fishing line is the cheapest I have found without sacrificing quality. A typical spool of 300 yards of 10 lb test will run about $9.99. Other comparable braided fishing lines were priced at around $13-$26. You can buy any of these brands of braided fishing line here…shop now at

Here is the competition and costs (300 yds of 10 lb test)

  • Reaction Tackle High Performance – $12.99
  • KastKing Superpower – $14.98
  • Spiderwire Superline – $26.49
  • PowerPro Spectre – $26.00
  • Piscifun Onyx Superline – $14.48
  • Proberos Premier Pro Series – $9.99

Best Value Spinning Reel

Best Value Spinning Reels

The best value spinning reel is the Kastking Centron spinning reel.

Why is the Kastking Centron the best value in spinning reels?

  • Reliability – you can depend on the Kastking to catch fish year after year
  • Design – smooth operation, dependable drag and corrosion free coating.
  • Low Price – $20-$30 depending on model
  • Lightweight – graphite frame significantly reduces weight which makes fishing tireless …even for many hours.
  • Appearance – well designed and a very nice looking spinning reel.
  • 4.5 Star Rating – over 500 reviews online with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The Kastking Centron is unbeatable.

best budget spinning reel - kastking centron

The Kastking Centron spinning reel is absolutely the best deal bar none. It has features that only $200 spinning reels have like 9 high quality ball bearings for silky smooth operation year after year. Aluminum and anodized parts provide corrosion free operation in freshwater and saltwater. The gear design is something that rivals Shimano. Very well done!! The Kastking Centron drag system is more advanced than most spinning reels. It’s powerful and reliable.

I’ve read almost 200 reviews and it’s simply amazing how people love this spinning reel. They can’t see spending $200 on a spinning reel after buying and using the Centron. They say, “You just don’t need anything else but a Centron.”

You can check it out here….buy now at