Environmentally Safe Hunting and Target Shooting

Most sports can be environment friendly and at the same time enjoyable. This includes hunting, target shooting and fishing. You might ask how can hunting and fishing be safe for the environment? It can be but you have to make some choices as far as what you use to hunt or fish with. Use safe or “green” products and any sport can be eco-friendly.

Hunting is viewed by many as harmful to the environment but it doesn’t have to be and in many ways it is not harmful at all.

Hunting actually keeps some species in check as far as population goes. Smaller populations are healthier. If a species is allowed to grow too large in numbers, they tend to deplete their food supply or spread disease and then die off in large numbers. In this process, they ruin their habitat. Nature has to be kept in balance. Hunting (managed) keeps most species in healthy numbers.

Lead is known to be toxic to most or all living organisms and hunting bullets used to be mostly lead. Lead in the environment is harmful to animals and has taken its toll on many waterfowl that were exposed to lead shot from shotguns. Lead shot fell into bodies of water where waterfowl fed. The lead shot was swallowed accidentally when the birds fed on the bottom. The good news is lead is being phased out.

Shotgun ammunition for waterfowl has been modified to eliminate the toxic metal. Waterfowl ammunition is non-lead for the most part. There still is some lead shot ammunition for waterfowl but most of it is steel or bismuth. These two metals are non toxic and safe for the environment.

A huge surge in rifle and handgun ammunition has taken place towards non-lead bullets. More and more ammunition manufacturers are producing non lead ammunition. Copper is quickly replacing lead bullets in all types of ammunition from home defense to hunting and target shooting. Copper and brass are non toxic and biodegradable. They are completely safe for the environment. Cast lead bullets will fade away very soon as the last large lead smelter was shut down.

Pellet guns are becoming very popular for hunting and target shooting and for good reason. Pellet guns are much more powerful now than 20 years ago and they are much quieter. They can be the ultimate in eco-friendly or “green” guns.

Most pellet guns or air rifles use compressed air to power and launch the projectile unlike forearms which use a combustible powder. Air rifles do not emit or create any harmful gases with the exception of CO2 guns. These use compressed Carbon Dioxide gas which is a “greenhouse gas”. The “green” air guns compress the air we breath and are completely environment safe. These include PCP or Pre Charged Pneumatic, variable pump and break barrel. To make air guns totally “green” we need to choose ammunition or pellets that are non-lead or non-toxic. Many pellet manufacturers are offering non lead pellets and BB’s. For more info on the various types and models of pellet guns/air rifles and hunting with air rifles, visit this blog┬áPellet Guns.

Air rifles are quieter and do not produce any harmful by products that may harm the environment unlike firearms. Firearm ammunition does produce some harmful gases and residue from the combustion of nitro powders and primers. Air guns are quieter and do not disturb wildlife near as much as firearms.

Firearm and pellet gun maintenance products can also be “green”. For many years gun cleaners were very toxic laden with harsh chemicals that not only smelled bad but would make your eyes water and burn your skin. Ammonia was a common ingredient and is toxic. Petroleum products were also use for cleaning and lubricating firearms. These are toxic also.

New non toxic and biodegradable gun cleaners are now filling up the shelves in gun stores and online. Most manufacturers now have a non toxic gun cleaner and lubricant. No more toxic fumes to breath nor cracked and irritated skin and eyes. There is no longer a reason to use anything toxic or harmful. These new CLP’s or cleaner, lubricant and protectant work very well and do not cost any more than the toxic counterparts. Go Green. Frog Lube CLP is just one cleaner/lubricant that is totally “Green”. For more info on non toxic (green) firearm cleaners and lubricants visit www.guncleaningtips.com.