Best Braided Fishing Line for Saltwater

The best braided fishing line for saltwater is KastKing SuperPower braided line. It’s just the best you can get for saltwater fishing.

KastKing SuperPower line is a Superline braid which means it is much smaller in diameter than most traditional braided lines and monofilament. This enables you to put much more line on the same size reel, as much as 300% more line. So instead of 500 yards of mono, you could have 1500 yards of Superline braided line. If you’re fishing light or after 800 lb tuna, then you need lots of line for the big run. Don’t ever run out of line! Check it out here…KastKing SuperPower braided line at

Superline Specifications

  • High Grade Dyneema fibers  – a gel spun polyethylene that is 15 times  stronger than steel by weight
  • Zero stretch
  • Low memory
  • High tensile strength
  • Ultra thin diameter
  • Ultra sensitivity
  • Less water drag
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Floats

Best Fishing Line for Tuna

The best fishing line for tuna is KastKing SuperPower Superline braided fishing line. It is by far the most popular big game fishing line according to online sales.

**** Over 1000 reviews with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! Check it out here…KastKing SuperPower Superline Braided fishing line at

KastKing SuperPower Superline Benefits

  • Superior knot strength – dynamically incorporated strands in KastKing SuperPower Braided Lines allow you to easily tie a stronger knot
  • The special proprietary treatment allows the supple fishing line to fly through the guides to your target and provide better lure swimming action.
  • Low Memory – helps you achieve more accuracy, farther casts and less chance of wind knots
  • Greater abrasion resistance – KastKing braided fishing line decreases the likelihood of losing the “big one” because of line damage
  • Ultra -High sensitivity and zero stretch – superior hook setting which will increases your catch ratio.
  • Smaller Diameter – compared to other brands allowing you to stuff more fishing line on your fishing reels.
  • Available in line weights of 6 lb to 150 lb and lengths of 300 yards to 1097 yards.
  • Available in 5 colors: Ocean Blue, Yellow, Multi-color, Moss Green and Low Vis Gray

KastKing SuperPower Superline is the ultimate big game fishing braided line because of it’s strength and ultra small diameter which means you can put more line on the same reel. Tuna tend to run long and hard and you need as much line as you can stuff on your fishing reel. More is better. Tuna reels should hold around 600 – 1000 yards of line. 300 or 400 yards may not be enough and if you run out of line, it’s good bye tuna.

Best Fishing Line for Bass

The best fishing line for bass is Spiderwire in braided, fluorocarbon or mono depending on the application. Bass Pro fisherman Bobby Lane uses nothing but Spiderwire for all of his bass fishing and trusts nothing else for tournaments and competitions. It’s simply the best fishing line for bass fishing and other freshwater fish.

Spiderwire is the space-age fishing line that is unmatched by any other fishing line. It’s stronger, casts farther and has more sensitivity that other fishing lines. If the pro bassmasters use Spiderwire then it’s got to be the best because they won’t risk loosing a championship over sub-par fishing line. They demand the very best. If you want to try out Spiderwire fishing line, here is a link to buy it online…Spiderwire Fishing Line at

Here’s just one product from Spiderwire:

Braided Stealth Superline Specifications

  • New and Improved Up to 30% Stronger
  • New Filler Package – New Smaller, Clear Spool
  • Color-Lock coating technology – casts farther and lasts longer
  • Dyneema PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
  • Fluor polymer- Treated microfibers – shoots through guides like a bullet