Best Ultra Light Spinning Reel

The best ultra light spinning reel is the Shimano Sedona FI. This is the lowest priced Shimano reel that features the Hagane Gear. The Sedona FI is a super lightweight reel that can tackle large fish like Salmon, Bass, Catfish and Bonefish. This is a high quality ultra light spinning reel that will last and bring in the Big Fish if needed.

Shimano reels need to be experienced in order to be appreciated. They do look beautiful but performance is even more impressive. Just pick one up and reel the handle…oh no…now you’ll want to buy it!

Shimano makes some of the best spinning reels available. Many BassMasters use Shimano spinning reels and baitcasting reels for one reason….they are the best. If you want to save $$$ on a new Shimano Sedona Ultra Light Spinning Reel, click on this link….Shimano Sedona FI Ultra Light Spinning Reel at

Shimano Sedona FI Ultra Light Spinning Reel Specifications

  • G Free Body
  • Hagane Gearing
  • Available sizes – 1000 – 5000
  • Propulsion spool lip
  • Varispeed oscillation system
  • 26 – 41″ per crank
  • Line weight range – 7.6 lb to 10.6 lb
  • 3+1 ball bearings
  • 1 roller bearing
  • 7 models available