Best Spinning Reel Under 50 Dollars

Best Spinning Reel Under $50

The best spinning reel under 50 bucks is the KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel. This is a brand new model for 2017 and has many improvements. There are many reviews and videos featuring this reel and it’s a fantastic performer for beginners and novices.

For $40, you have to try it. It’s a “no brainer”. Worse case scenario, you don’t like it…just return it to for a full refund. You risk nothing but can gain a lot…a really nice spinning reel. I don’t buy anything without researching first, especially expensive items over $100. At $40, I’m willing to take some risk. But the KastKing Mela II has great reviews everywhere.

Best Spinning Reel Under 50 Dollars –  KastKing Mela II

  • Light, smooth and powerful
  • FREE spare graphite spool
  • Available in 1000 size for smaller species (also 2000 – 4000)
  • 10 + 1 corrosion resistant deep-race smooth ball bearings
  • Instant stop anti-reverse
  • CNC machined aluminum handle and advanced designed aluminum spool
  • 26 lb carbon fiber max drag
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb design spool
  • Precision brass gears
  • Hardened metal main shaft
  • Triple disc carbon drag washers
  • Interchangeable right or left hand CNC machined aluminum handle.
  • Flawless light weight graphite spinning reel body with rich black finish is corrosion proof.
  • Affordable price (under $40)
  • KastKing is an ICAST “Best of Show” award winning brand.

The KastKing Mela II has a unique graphite body with a rich black finish. You’ll never have to worry about corrosion again. Graphite is also very light weight which means your arms will never get tired while fishing.

There are 4 models (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000)which can handle fishing line weights of 4 lb to 20 lb and line capacities of 90 yards up to 330 yards. It’s perfect for almost any freshwater fish and many saltwater too. The retail price ranges from $29.98 – $38.98 on the KastKing website.

This top quality and ultra modern spinning reel is a true bargain at $50.00 BUT you can buy it online for under $40.00. It’s a steal.

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Best Spinning Reel Under 50 Dollars - KastKing Mela II