Best Shark Rods – What Charter Boats Use

Best Shark Rods and Reels

Sharks are seriously tough to battle on rod and reel. You’ll need one of the best shark rods you can afford in order to win.

You will put your tackle to the ultimate test when you hook into a medium to large shark (300+ lbs). If you didn’t get the right tackle, you will know pretty quick after a 400 lb Tiger shark takes to the open sea and he ain’t stopping.

First let’s take a look at how big some of the common shark species get.

  • Hammerhead – 20 feet long and 1,200 lbs
  • Mako – 13 feet long and 1,200 lbs
  • Tiger – 18 feet long and 2,000 lbs
  • Great White – 20 feet long and 4,000 lbs
  • Blue sharks – 12 feet long and 400 lbs
  • Bull shark – 11.5 feet long and 500 lbs

As you can see, sharks are HUGE and are extremely strong swimmers. You’ll need a powerful rod and large reel with 500+ yards of 50-80 lb braided line to successfully land one. Oh….and a sore back too. I caught many sharks when I was a member of a New Jersey Shark Club. It’s brutal work….like 4-5 hours.

Here’s some top of the line/best shark rods (fiberglass only) to consider.

  • Penn Ally Boat Rod (6′ Heavy Action)
  • Penn Rampage Boat Rods
  • Shimano Tallus Trolling
  • Shimano Terez Trolling
  • Shimano Tallus IGFA
  • Barrett Shark Rods (medium to heavy)
  • Daiwa Saltiga G Dendoh
  • Daiwa Maine Power Dendoh
  • Daiwa Tancom Dendoh
  • Daiwa VIP Trolling Rods
  • Daiwa Saltist Trolling
  • Daiwa Seagate Boat Rods
  • Daiwa Sealine Boat Rod (SLN66XXHR or SLN66XHR)

Penn Ally Boat Rods – best shark rods for the money

Penn Ally conventional boat rods are all fiberglass, 1 piece tubular with a solid tip. Fiberglass rods are unbreakable whereas Graphite are NOT. Don’t go with a graphite shark rod….it will break.

Penn Ally Boat rods are beautiful, high performing and unbreakable. It’s really hard to beat them. These 1 piece rods are setup with either (or both) Fuji Aluminum Oxide heavy duty guides and/or Pac Bay Roller Guides. The heavy duty reel seats will keep even the largest shark reels in place. The foregrip is EVA Torque which are super durable and provide the ultimate grip even when wet. The gimbals are all aluminum for corrosion resistance and strength.

Penn Ally Boat Rod

Penn Rampage Boat Rods – best budget shark rods

Penn Rampage boat rods are available in a line weight rating of 30-80 lb. This is plenty heavy enough for large sharks. They are a 1 piece tubular fiberglass construction with 8 Fuji Aluminum Oxide heavy duty guides or 7 Pac Bay Roller Guides, depending on the model. The reel seat is graphite and very strong and secure. The Rampage rod is available with a gimbal. The Rampage is a bargain at around $80.00.

Penn Rampage shark Rod

Shimano Tallus Trolling Rods

Tallus trolling rods are spectacular for shark fishing but are not cheap…around $250 – $300. However they are well worth it.

Tallus Trolling Rod Features

  • 1 piece tubular fiberglass/graphite TC4 composite construction
  • EVA grip
  • Custom aluminum reel seat
  • Aftco roller stripper and tip
  • Aluminum gimbal
  • Line weight ratings 40 – 250 lb braid
  • Retail Price $300

Shimano Tallus Trolling Rod

Shimano Terez Trolling Rods