Best Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Monofilament Fishing Line

The best monofilament fishing line is Hi-Seas Grand Slam. Hi-Seas fishing line is the top seller and  rated #1 for best mono fishing line for 2018. It is superior to most big brand mono lines like Berkley, Stren and KastKing. I really do like KastKing though.

Why is Hi-Seas Grand Slam The Best Monofilament Fishing Line?

Hi-Seas Grand Slam mono fishing line is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater. The reason Grand Slam is the best is because it has a high abrasion resistance along with a high strength knot. Knots are super important in fishing. If it fails, you loose your fish. Abrasion resistance is super important when fishing for big game fish….Bluegills…not so much. Big game fish really put a strain on fishing tackle and mostly the fishing line. Monofilament fishing line will rub against the rod guides under extreme pressure, especially the tip when fighting big game fish. If the line is not tough, it will wear and weaken.

Hi-Seas Grand Slam mono fishing line also features great line sensitivity and control which helps you move a lure and detect a strike. It also enables you to make super long and accurate casts. Whether you use a baitcasting, spinning, trolling or spincasting reel, Grand Slam mono fishing line will give you maximum performance in both freshwater and saltwater on 1 lb trout to 400 Bluefin Tuna.

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Features

  • Ideal Sensitivity and Control
  • High Knot Strength
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Smooth Casting
  • Excellent Salt or Freshwater Line

Hi-Seas Grand Slam Ratings 2018

Hi-Seas Grand Slam is the best monofilament fishing line for large or small fish and in freshwater and saltwater. You just can’t beat it at any price. It’s available in Pink, Smoke Blue, Green, Fluorescent Yellow and Clear. Line weights of 8 lb to 400 lb are available. A spool of 300 yards of 6 lb test costs about $8.00 while a larger spool of 1320 yards of 80 lb test costs about $45. Hi-Seas spools carry from 1060 yards up to 12,000 yards to meet any need you might have. *** Check out Hi-Seas fishing line here….Buy Now at

best monofilament fishing line - Hi-Seas Grand Slam