Best Fishing Line for Bass

The best fishing line for bass is Spiderwire in braided, fluorocarbon or mono depending on the application. Bass Pro fisherman Bobby Lane uses nothing but Spiderwire for all of his bass fishing and trusts nothing else for tournaments and competitions. It’s simply the best fishing line for bass fishing and other freshwater fish.

Spiderwire is the space-age fishing line that is unmatched by any other fishing line. It’s stronger, casts farther and has more sensitivity that other fishing lines. If the pro bassmasters use Spiderwire then it’s got to be the best because they won’t risk loosing a championship over sub-par fishing line. They demand the very best. If you want to try out Spiderwire fishing line, here is a link to buy it online…Spiderwire Fishing Line at

Here’s just one product from Spiderwire:

Braided Stealth Superline Specifications

  • New and Improved Up to 30% Stronger
  • New Filler Package – New Smaller, Clear Spool
  • Color-Lock coating technology – casts farther and lasts longer
  • Dyneema PE Microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
  • Fluor polymer- Treated microfibers – shoots through guides like a bullet