Best Baitcaster Reel Under 100 Dollars – under $40

Best Baitcaster Reel Under $100

The best baitcaster reel under 100 dollars (actually under $50) is the KastKing Royale Legend baitcasting reel.

I can’t believe how cheap this reel is. It compares with other reels that cost $150-200. It offers the same or better technology and reliability. Certainly the best bang for the buck.

The KastKing Royale Legend is a fantastic baitcasting reel with tons of new features. KastKing makes high end reels but charges much less than the competition. I love how they do that!

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Best Baitcaster Reel Under 100 Dollars – KastKing Royale Legend Baitcaster Reel Features:

  • Low profile design with a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve
  • Precision cut brass gear structure
  • Carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5 lb drag
  • 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings for super smooth casting, retrieve, and long life.
  • The new Royal legend bait caster has state of the art dual brakes with a quick, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control.
  • Two color anodized aluminum forged multi-ported whiffle-style spool offers maximum strength with minimal weight.

Best Baitcaster Reel Under 100 - KastKing Royale Legend reel

Not only is this reel made well but it looks really nice too. It looks as good as it performs. I have read and watched dozens of reviews and videos on the KastKing fishing reels and there is nothing but positive info. My point is for $50…what do you have to loose. I can send it back and get a refund if I’m not happy with it. It’s called, “No Risk”.

Best Baitcaster Reel Under 100 - Kastking Royale Legend micro-mesh gears

The gears are machined/forged precisely from space-age materials and mesh perfectly. This provides smooth operation that will perform for many years.

Best Baitcaster Reel Under 100 - high tech drag system

You don’t see carbon fiber drag washers in $50 fishing reels these days. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and will wear less. It’s also more heat resistant than other materials. When the drag system gets too hot, it starts to fail. Usually they smoke and then seize up. Carbon Fiber drag washers can withstand higher temperatures preventing them from failing when you have a fish on the line.

Multi disk drag stems are much more reliable than single disk. They create a more consistent drag weight plus distribute the heat and stress over more disks. This makes them more reliable and less prone to failure.

Best Baitcaster Reel Under 100 - Kastking Royale Legend dual breaks