Best Hooks for Surf Fishing [2021]

Best Hooks for Surf Fishing in 2021

The best hooks for surf fishing will depend on what species fish you are fishing for but generally the best hooks are from the large name brands like Eagle Claw and Mustad. These big companies have been making fishing hooks for 100 years. They know what they are doing.

I’ve used Mustad and Eagle Claw hooks for over 30 years and they never disappoint. They are sharp and tough and bring in the big ones.

Here are some good hooks for surf fishing

  • Eagle Claw 9222 Striped Bass Circle Sea Snell sizes 1/0 – 7/0
  • Eagle Claw 9211 Striped Bass Octopus Snell sizes 1/0 – 7/0
  • Lazer Sharp 9212 Striped Bass Baitholder Snell sizes 1/0 – 7/0
  • Lazer Sharp 9340 – 9380  O’Shaughnessy Snell sizes 6/0 – 7/0
  • Mustad O’Shaughnessy Hook sizes 1/0 – 7/0
  • Mustad Kaiju Inline Hook sizes 1/0 – 7/0
  • Mustad Big Gun Hooks sizes 1/0 – 7/0

Eagle Claw Fishing Hooks

Eagle Claw has been around since 1925 and used to be called The Wright & McGill Co. They still make some of the best fish hooks available in Denver, Colorado the original location. Eagle Claw is the last fishing hook to be manufactured in the USA. All others are imported. Eagle Claw hooks have stood the test of time and are still on top.

Eagle Claw hooks are named so because the founder noticed how an eagle caught fish easily and held on to them with it’s curved talons or claws. He decided to make fish hooks after the eagle’s talons.

Eagle Claw offers many different style hooks form circle hooks to Aberdeen hooks to baitholder hooks and weedless hooks. There is a hook for every type of fishing from small trout to 1000 lb bluefin tuna.

For surf casting/fishing try the O’Shaughnessy Hooks, Circle Hooks, Octopus Hooks and the Plain Shank Hooks. These are all very tough and will hook and bring in bluefish, stripers, seatrout, flounder and drum fish. Try hook sizes of 4/0 to 6/0 for surf fishing.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Fishing Hooks

Lazer Sharp hooks were introduced in 1985 by Eagle Claw. These hooks are known for being ultra sharp, smooth and strong. These are premium hooks and will never disappoint you.

Mustad Fishing Hooks

Mustad is a huge world leader in fishing tackle and 25% of all fishing hooks are Mustad brand. Mustad was founded in 1832 outside of the Norwegian town of Gjovik. Dedication to quality has brought Mustad to the top. Mustad is the largest fishing hook manufacturer in the world.

Mustad marches towards environment friendly production and products. They are using recycled paper for packaging instead of plastics. Mustad sinkers are now Tungsten instead of lead.

The best Mustad hook designs for surf fishing are the Circle Hooks, O’Shaughnessy Hooks, Octopus Hooks, Kaiju Inline Hooks and Dropshot Wide Gap Hooks. Pick a size 3/0 to 6/0 depending on the fish sought after.

Sougayilang Fishing Hooks

Gomakatsu Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu started manufacturing fishing hooks in 1955 in Japan. They were the smallest fishing hook manufacturer and made the hooks by hand. In 1974 they implemented fully automatic hook making machinery. The rest is history and now they are a top fishing hook manufacturer world wide.

For surf fishing try the O’Shaughnessy Nickel 4/0 to 7/0 size hooks. The Octopus Circle Straight Eye Inline Point hooks are great also. These are both top notch hooks for surf fishing for seabass, striped bass, flounder, red drum, bluefish and black bass.

Shaddock Fishing Hooks

Shaddock Fishing offers fishing hooks and fishing tackle from spinning reels to rod and reel combos to baits and line and leaders. Shaddock fishing hooks are high carbon and super tough. They offer the typical hook designs that perform the best like Circle Hooks and O’Shaughnessy hooks. These are high quality and reasonably priced.

A really good choice for surf fishing is the Octopus Barbed High Carbon Steel fishing hook #8229.

Best Shark Rods – What Charter Boats Use

Best Shark Rods and Reels

Sharks are seriously tough to battle on rod and reel. You’ll need one of the best shark rods you can afford in order to win.

You will put your tackle to the ultimate test when you hook into a medium to large shark (300+ lbs). If you didn’t get the right tackle, you will know pretty quick after a 400 lb Tiger shark takes to the open sea and he ain’t stopping.

First let’s take a look at how big some of the common shark species get.

  • Hammerhead – 20 feet long and 1,200 lbs
  • Mako – 13 feet long and 1,200 lbs
  • Tiger – 18 feet long and 2,000 lbs
  • Great White – 20 feet long and 4,000 lbs
  • Blue sharks – 12 feet long and 400 lbs
  • Bull shark – 11.5 feet long and 500 lbs

As you can see, sharks are HUGE and are extremely strong swimmers. You’ll need a powerful rod and large reel with 500+ yards of 50-80 lb braided line to successfully land one. Oh….and a sore back too. I caught many sharks when I was a member of a New Jersey Shark Club. It’s brutal work….like 4-5 hours.

Here’s some top of the line/best shark rods (fiberglass only) to consider.

  • Penn Ally Boat Rod (6′ Heavy Action)
  • Penn Rampage Boat Rods
  • Shimano Tallus Trolling
  • Shimano Terez Trolling
  • Shimano Tallus IGFA
  • Barrett Shark Rods (medium to heavy)
  • Daiwa Saltiga G Dendoh
  • Daiwa Maine Power Dendoh
  • Daiwa Tancom Dendoh
  • Daiwa VIP Trolling Rods
  • Daiwa Saltist Trolling
  • Daiwa Seagate Boat Rods
  • Daiwa Sealine Boat Rod (SLN66XXHR or SLN66XHR)

Penn Ally Boat Rods – best shark rods for the money

Penn Ally conventional boat rods are all fiberglass, 1 piece tubular with a solid tip. Fiberglass rods are unbreakable whereas Graphite are NOT. Don’t go with a graphite shark rod….it will break.

Penn Ally Boat rods are beautiful, high performing and unbreakable. It’s really hard to beat them. These 1 piece rods are setup with either (or both) Fuji Aluminum Oxide heavy duty guides and/or Pac Bay Roller Guides. The heavy duty reel seats will keep even the largest shark reels in place. The foregrip is EVA Torque which are super durable and provide the ultimate grip even when wet. The gimbals are all aluminum for corrosion resistance and strength.

Penn Ally Boat Rod

Penn Rampage Boat Rods – best budget shark rods

Penn Rampage boat rods are available in a line weight rating of 30-80 lb. This is plenty heavy enough for large sharks. They are a 1 piece tubular fiberglass construction with 8 Fuji Aluminum Oxide heavy duty guides or 7 Pac Bay Roller Guides, depending on the model. The reel seat is graphite and very strong and secure. The Rampage rod is available with a gimbal. The Rampage is a bargain at around $80.00.

Penn Rampage shark Rod

Shimano Tallus Trolling Rods

Tallus trolling rods are spectacular for shark fishing but are not cheap…around $250 – $300. However they are well worth it.

Tallus Trolling Rod Features

  • 1 piece tubular fiberglass/graphite TC4 composite construction
  • EVA grip
  • Custom aluminum reel seat
  • Aftco roller stripper and tip
  • Aluminum gimbal
  • Line weight ratings 40 – 250 lb braid
  • Retail Price $300

Shimano Tallus Trolling Rod

Shimano Terez Trolling Rods


Best Tuna Fishing Reels – Charter Boat Captain picks

The Best Tuna Fishing Reels

So how does a person decide what are the best tuna fishing reels? It’s actually not that hard of a choice. I just listen to the Pro’s.

Best Tuna Fishing Reels: Here’s what charter boat captains are recommending:

  • Penn International V or VI
  • Shimano  Tiagra
  • Daiwa  Saltiga
  • Fin-Nor Santiago Wide.

Best Budget Tuna Fishing Reels:

Why are these reels the best?

  • Large line capacities: 700 – 1000 yards of 50 – 130 lb line
  • Heavy Duty Gears – reel in 800 lb tuna without failure
  • High Tech Drag System – heavy, stable drag wears out large fish without failure
  • Anodized Protection – NO RUST
  • Competitively Priced – starting at $400

These reels are the best for bringing in Tuna. Tuna are large and extremely powerful and require a very strong and durable reel and rod setup. If you have less than optimal, you will loose the big ones!

I know several charter boat owners that use Penn International for all of their Bluefin Tuna reels. They have never had a failure in over 20 years. Bluefin tuna are the largest tuna species and can take several hours to bring them to the boat. Penn International reels are recommended.

Penn International V Tuna Reel

  • High-performance 2-speed fishing reel delivers exceptionally smooth and powerful drag
  • Full metal body and side plates constructed from die-cast aluminum for durability and rigidity
  • Dura-Drag washers, Push-To-Turn preset knob, and ratcheted drag lever maintain icy smooth drag even under extreme loads
  • Quick Shift 2-speed system seamlessly shifts into high or low gear
  • Fluid cranking with 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and double dog ratchet anti-reverse
  • HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads
  • Ratcheted lever eliminates “drag-creep” caused by hours of trolling and boat vibrations
  • Easy and reliable two-speed mechanism with Quick Shift system
  • Push-to-Turn present drag system prevents ‘unknowing anglers’ from accidentally adjusting the drag when backs are turned
  • Full metal body and side plates to ensure its precision gear alignment

Shimano Tiagra Tuna Fishing Reel

  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) – Our specially treated stainless steel ball bearings are at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Forged Aluminum Spool – These spools are made from cold forged aluminum then machined to provide an extremely dense, solid construction that can withstand the heavy drag pressures the reels can apply.
  • Chrome Plated Side Plate Screws – The side plate screws are chrome plated to prevent corrosion.
  • 2-Speed Gearing – Uses 2 sets of gears that are always engaged for quick, easy gear ratio changes even under load.
  • Ratcheting Drag Lever – eliminates the chance of the drag lever backing off due to boat vibration and allows for more precise adjustment.
  • Twin Disk Drag System – uses two drag disks and a floating drag plate to effectively double the drag surface which provides a wide range of settings and increased durability.
  • Clicker – The clicker increases the tension on free spool and activates a clicking alarm when a fish bites.
  • Septon – The handle grip material, Septon, is soft to the touch and does not get slippery even when wet.
  • Permalube – This lubrication improves freespool while maintaining protection and durability of moving parts.
  • Metal Series – With the Metal Series, metal frames keep moving parts in precise alignment for increased efficiency and durability.
  • Machined Aluminum Frame – These frames are machined from solid aluminum pipestock, which makes them incredibly rigid and strong for ultra tight tolerances.
  • Offset Ergonomic Power Grip – The power grip is offset on multiple axes to allow natural hand, arm and wrist angles to improve comfort and power (not available on (TI12 & TI16).
  • Ergonomic Power Handle – Comfortable, non-slip grip provides maximum comfort and torque (TI12 & TI16).

Daiwa Saltiga Tuna Fishing Reels

  • Conventional reel, RH
  • 6 Ball Bearings
  • 6.3: 1 Ratio
  • Aluminum spool
  • Line Capacity: Braided 40/840, 50/630, mono 30/350, 40/310.
  • Offset power handle with Soft Touch grip
  • Massive stainless steel gears – helical cut for optimum power and smooth winding
  • Offset power handle with Soft Touch grip
  • Machined aluminum frame and left side plate are one solid piece for maximum strength and durability

Daiwa Saltiga Tuna Fishing Reels

Fin-Nor Santiago Tuna Fishing Reels

  • 4 ceramic/hybrid ball bearings for support and strength
  • Fully machined one-piece aluminum frame
  • Forged aluminum spool
  • Push-button and dial-release two-speed shift system
  • Line Capacity: 900yds/50lb mono – 900yds/130lb braid capacity

Best Budget Tuna Fishing Reel: Penn Squall LevelWind

The Penn Squall LevelWind reel is most likely the best budget tuna fishing reel. It’s “Penn Tough” and cheap. The price ranges from $100 to $150.00 if you shop at There is No Way you can beat this deal.

The Penn Squall Levelwind reel has a line capacity range, depending on the model, of 900 yards of 65 lb test braid or 775 yards of 80 lb test braid for the 50 LW model which is the largest. The smallest Squall LevelWind (model 15 LW) has a line capacity of 580 yards of 20 lb test or 435 yards of 30 lb test braided fishing line.

The Penn Squall LevelWind features a lightweight yet strong graphite frame and side plates. Graphite is very strong and durable. The aerospace industry uses graphite frequently because of it’s high performance properties. The all aluminum spool is forged and then machined in the Penn factory on highly sophisticated machinery. The main and pinion gears are stainless steel for strength and durability plus corrosion resistance. The Squall has the excellent Penn Dura-Drag system which is a super tough and reliable drag system. Few drag systems are better. There are 4 stainless steel bearings which provide smooth and reliable function.

Penn Fathom Lever Drag Fishing Reel

The Penn Fathom Lever Drag reel is another top choice for tuna fishing on a budget. The Fathom retails for about $199 – $250 but you can find online deals at The Fathom Lever Drag 60 online goes for about $220.00.

The Fathom Lever Drag reel is constructed with a full metal body and side plates. It’s a very robust reel that will bring in the biggest fish and last many years. The main and pinion gars are all stainless steel. The Fathom features the world famous Penn Dura-drag washers for smooth and consistent drag pressure. 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings give this reel a very smooth operation while resisting corrosion from fresh or saltwater. There are line capacity rings on the inside of the spool. This lets you monitor how much line is out while battling big fish. There is also a double-dog ratchet anti-reverse system. The Penn Fathom is built to battle big fish and it is recommended that you fill the spool with superline. This will allow you to put more line (2-3 times as much) on the reel which will enable you to catch bigger fish.

The Fathom 15LD will hold 355/12, 305/15, 200/20 (yards/lbs) yards of monofilament or 550/20, 415/30, 290/50 yards of Superline braided fishing line.

The Fathom 25NLD will hold 325/20, 295/25, 240/30 (yards/lbs) of monofilament and 680/30, 475/50, 395/65 of Superline braided fishing line.

The Fathom 30LD will hold 435/20, 325/30, 250/40 (yards/lbs) of monofilament and 635/50, 525/65, 455/80 of Superline braided fishing line.

The Fathom 40NLD will hold 410/30, 315/40, 235/50 (yards/lbs) of monofilament and 785/50, 665/65, 565/80 of superline braided fishing line.

The Fathom 60LDHS will hold 480/40, 355/50, 315/60 (yards/lbs) of monofilament and 995/65, 860/80, 735/100 of Superline braided fishing line.

Shimano TLD Offshore Lever Drag Fishing Reel

Shimano makes some really fantastic reels but are not cheap however the TLD (Triton Lever Drag) reel is quite affordable at around $150 – $200. It’s quite the bargain.

Charter boat captains favor this reel because of its reliability and light weight. The TLD frame is made from a super strong graphite that is practically indestructible and light weight. The spool is aluminum which is very resistant to corrosion from salt water and also light weight. The stainless steel ball bearings are treated to increase the corrosion resistance. They are claimed to last 10 times longer than traditional stainless steel bearings. The TLD has 4 A-RB bearings and provide a super smooth action and extreme durability.

The TLD features a ball bearing drag system that is unlike any other. It features a space-age titanium impregnated fabric which runs smoother, last longer and dissipates friction heat very efficiently. The drag tension is also very consistent. Some drag systems will increase the tension when they get hot.

Avet SXJ 5.3 Fishing Reel

  • Retail Price $189.99
  • The SXJ is precision machined from marine grade 6061 T-6 aluminum and stainless steel components for corrosion resistance and maximum durability.
  • Exterior components are anodized for superior corrosion resistance and a beautiful finish. This is part of what makes a great fishing reel, attention to detail.
  • The one piece frame provides maximum strength/weight ratio. Strength is super important but you don’t want a heavy reel. It will tire your arms too quickly.
  • The lever drag system is powerful, reliable and consistent with an adjustable strike pre-set.
  • The precision machined stainless steel gears are strong, durable and corrosion resistant. The Avet gears are also very smooth.
  • Avet patented (indestructible) SILENT dog and gear anti-reverse system is the most reliable in the industry.
  • The Ave-drag dry carbon fiber drags are designed for reliability, superior stopping power, smoothness, and wear resistance. It doesn’t get any better than this.
  • Maximum drag is 14 lbs on Full and 9 lbs. at strike
  • The 8 stainless steel ball bearings assure reliable and smooth operation at all times.
  • Alarm clicker lets you know when you have a bite on your line.
  • The offset machined handle arm reduces the centerline profile and cranking wobble. I always hated reel wobble when cranking a fish in fast.
  • The large, comfortable soft touch handle knob is a pleasure to hold even after 2 hours of fighting.
  • The light, narrow spool is designed for optimal jig casting efficiency and less line leveling while retrieving.
  • Avet reels are made in USA.

Daiwa Seagate Levelwind Fishing Reel

  • Retail Price $149.99
  • One piece, rugged, corrosion-proof composite frame provides a reliable and rigid reel structure. Composite frames are much lighter than metal and are just as strong. You will appreciate the light weight after 2 hours of fighting a 300 lb Bluefin tuna.
  • 4 bearing system:1 Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing,  2 Ball Bearings and 1 Roller Bearing – very smooth and reliable.
  • Dual system Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD)
  • Oversize line guide aperture for copper wire line or 250 lb mono leaders.
  • Loud spool click –  may not seem like a big deal but it really is. You want to hear when a fish takes your bait.
  • Fast 6.1 to 1 gear ratio – recovers line really fast compared to other reels with a 5:1 gear ratio.
  • Maximum drag 20 lbs
  • Oversize Soft Touch handle knob – super comfortable even after hours of reeling. This is really important when fighting large fish that take 45 minutes to several hours to bring in. Your hand will appreciate this feature.
  • Line Capacity: SGTLW50H – 830 yards of 40 lb test braided/Superline or 650 yards of 50 lb braided /Superline. SGTLW60H – 820 yards of 50 lb braided/Superline or 700 yards of 60 lb braided/Superline
  • Available in 50 (SGTLW50H) and 60 (SGTLW60H) sizes