Best Bluefin Tuna Fishing Reels

The best Bluefin Tuna fishing reels are the following:

  1. Shimano Talica
  2. Shimano Tiagura
  3. Penn International V
  4. Tika ST Series
  5. Avet EXW50
  6. Fin-Nor Santiago

All of these tuna reels are the best there are for battling 800+ lb Bluefin tuna. They all have super heavy duty construction and gears. Line capacities are extreme, upwards of 1000 yards. IGFA fisherman are using some of these reels today and the reason is…they’re the best money can buy. Don’t go cheap on a Bluefin fishing reel….you will regret it!

Bluefin Tuna are the largest tuna species and can reach 1000+ lbs. If you hook one, it may take 4+ hours to bring it in. The battle is grueling, back braking and endless. Some have given up because his/her body could not stand the punishment.

If you are serious about Bluefin fishing and looking for a great Bluefin reel, here is a link to start shopping….Shop Now at

Shimano Tiagura

Penn International V

Fin-Nor Santiago


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